Extending the life of everyday items to prevent them from going to the landfill.

As the name implies, reuse is the concept of using an item more than once. An easy way to accomplish this is by staying away from single use items (plastic bags for example) and opting for a more durable product (such as a canvas bag). You get a longer life out of your item and things that you can expect to have around for a while are usually of better quality.

This may work for bigger consumer durables and in some other instances, but how can you reuse an item like a shirt that you've outgrown? How about making it a cleaning rag? If it has a really funky pattern, why not turn it into a throw pillow? Up-cycling, which is the act of creating another product out of an old one, has become a hobby and even a lifestyle for many people. Up-cycled items are often trendy and look just as good or even better than new ones! There is a vast range of items you can create from easy, beginner projects to more intricate ones. If you don't consider yourself the creative type, keep those used goods and find a friend who can make something wonderful out of it for you!

Read about some tips to help you begin reusing and recycling, then check out our gallery of creative reuse ideas to try below!


Helpful Reuse Tips

Reuse Tips

Read through our tips to help you on your way to reusing!

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Creative Reuse

Creative Reuse Ideas

There are numerous ways that you can reuse items that you already have. Explore the creative reuse ideas gallery to get your creativity going!

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