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Why Rethink Waste?

Recycling is a considerable start to addressing the issue of resource conservation. It can be a very effective tool, but only when used. The idea of what we think is recyclable can sometimes be narrow. We often think of paper, plastic, and the other materials we see so often on recycling signage. What about the other less commonly thought of items and the ones that we now have the ability to recycle? Getting people to reconsider how they think about recycling is key.

Our recycling capabilities are advancing every day. Today there is a much larger number of items that we recycle. Unfortunately, there seem to be just as many environmental problems, but they can be overcome.

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Encouraging Rethinking

The North Central Texas region has seen a number of campaigns aimed at bringing the public's attention to recycling in an attempt to increase education and recycling program participation. Many of them aimed to influence how people viewed recyclables and attempted to change their thoughts and perceptions. Read below about the regional campaigns, the problems they were looking to solve, and learn some facts and information about recycling.

Take a moment to read about and consider other issues related to what people think of as "trash" by exploring the information in the "Creative Reuse" and "Stop Illegal Dumping" sections. Learn about the numerous, uncommonly thought of items that can actually be recycled and about the impact improper trash disposal can have on the environment.


Med Take-Back

If you don't take it to be disposed of properly, where is it going to go? Learn about proper disposal of prescription and over the counter medicines. Do not flush unused medications, do not throw them in the trash, take them to a med-take back location to be properly disposed of.

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Talking Trash

Recyclables don't like to be placed in the trash and now they are letting you know! It is time to think about what you put in the trash.

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Electronics Recycling

Americans own approximately 24 devices per household according to the Consumer Electronics Association. Many old electronics are full of toxins that should not be disposed in a landfill. Recycle your old electronics. Your old television could become someone's new watch.

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Stop Illegal Dumping

Dumping your trash on the side of the road is not just unsightly, it pollutes our environment and is illegal. Learn about your alternatives for proper trash disposal and how to report spotted illegal dump sites.

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