Creative Reuse Ideas and Projects

Get Inspired to Reuse Everyday Items!


Paint used soda bottles

Pop Owl

Plastic bottles are a recycle craft staple. Take any 2 liter soda bottle, cut off the bottom and the neck, fix them together and create an owl. You'll have a hoot!

Planter made from an old window

Window Garden

A new twist on the classic window garden! Take old windows, add some small modifications, and you have an instant, literal window garden. Mount it outside, place it in your garden bed, or hang indoors!

Chairs build from old pallets

Contemporary 'Green' Armchair

Put your own spin on the classic Chelsea Armchair by creating your own out of pallets! Add cushions and use them indoors or out.

Wall planter made from old pallets

Decorative Planter Hanger

Reutilize a pallet for your planters. Paint it any color you like, mount it, and you have a functional and attractive piece to hold your garden.

Wall planter made from old pallets


Our friend the pallet is back again! This time, use your pallets to help you stay organized. Make it even easier and keep the natural wood look - simply apply a protective coating or sealer and you're done.

Desk/workstation made from old pallets

Functional Furniture

Create a tall desk or workspace, like this one, with the added feature of storage using pallets.

Kid fort build from cardboard boxes

Cardboard Kingdom

Just look at that masonry work! Use cardboard boxes to cut out and design a top notch castle. Use it for play or a themed piece in a kid's room. When your little Knight or Princess is done with it, give it to someone else or simply recylce it!