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City of Denton Recycling

DISCLAIMER: This website is maintained by the North Central Texas Council of Governments. Please verify all information with City of Denton Recycling first before driving to a facility listed on this page.


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Bokashi Composting

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Curbside Program


The Program
The City of Denton has partnered with Allied Waste to bring curbside recycling to Denton. Each single-family home in Denton receives weekly recycling collection on their regularly scheduled trash collection day.

How to Recycle
Recycling has never been easier! All of your recyclable materials can be mixed together in your recycling cart. Carts must be at the curb by 7 a.m. on your collection day.

Recycling Containers
Each new household is provided a 65-gallon recycling cart. If your home has the original 35-gallon cart, and you would like upgrade to a larger cart, or for any other cart issues, please call Recycling Customer Service at (940)349-8700. You may also order an additonal recycling cart with no extra charge.

Accepted Materials
Glass containers (unbroken), Aluminum cans, Tin cans, Aerosol cans, Steel cans, Telephone books / paperback books, Paperboard / chipboard, Mixed paper, Paper grocery bags, Newspaper, magazines, catalogs, Corrugated cardboard, #1 Plastic, #2 Plastic, #3 Plastic, #4 Plastic, #5 Plastic, #6 Plastic, #7 Plastic (other),


Multi-Family Program


Drop-off Centers
If you want to recycle, but don't have access to our curbside recycling program, you can bring your recycling to one of our four drop-off centers located conveniently around the City.

Accept: aluminum cans, steel and tin cans, plastic bottles and jugs, glass bottles and jars, office paper, newspaper, magazines, and cardboard. Locations:

  • Northlakes- Windsor Dr. @ Hinkle Dr.
  • Shady Oaks- Dallas Dr. @ Shady Oaks
  • Cupboard Natural Foods- Congress @ N. Elm St.
  • City of Denton Landfill- Mayhill @ Spencer Rd. (open 7 days a week, 7am-7pm)
  • If your apartment complex wishes to establish on-site recycling, it can be done through our commercial recycling program. Property managers can call our Commercial Recycling Coordinator at 940-349-8027 for more information.


    Hazardous Disposal Program


    All residents will receive curbside collection of HHW on an appointment basis, whether they live in single-family households or multi-family complexes. Simply call Recycling Customer Service at (940) 349-8700 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to schedule a collection.

    Citizens should NOT transport anything to the Home Chemical Collection facility. HHW placed on the curb without an appointment will NOT be collected.

    What are the collection guidelines?
    Chemicals must be in their original container with labels, except used motor oil and cooking oil, with a limit of 10 gallons or 50 pounds per collection. Please be prepared to list the chemicals and quantities of each that you wish to set out for collection. Complete collection guidelines will be given to you when you make an appointment.

    Examples of accepted items:
    (may be subject to change)

    General household products:
    Aerosol Cans (empty or with product, Adhesives, Aluminum Cleaners, Ammonia-based Cleansers, Batteries (all types), Bug spray, Caulk, Disinfectants, Drain Openers, Floor Care Products, Fluorescent Lights, Furniture Polish, Metal Polish with Solvents, Mildew Remover, Oven Cleaners, Toilet Bowl Cleaners, Tub and Tile Cleaners, Window / Glass Cleaners

    Automotive fluids and fuels:
    Motor/Fuel Oil and filters, Antifreeze, Automatic Transmission Fluid, Battery Acid, Batteries), Brake Fluid, Car Wax with Solvent, Degreasers, Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene, Metal Polish with Solvent, Other Oils, Windshield Washer Solution

    Lawn and garden:
    Fertilizer, Fungicide, Herbicide, Insecticide/Pesticide, Rat Poison, Weed Killer

    Pool chemicals:
    Alkaline Additives, Pool Chlorine, Pool Cleaners, Muriatic Acid, Shock Treatments

    Paint and related supplies:
    Latex, Model, Oil Based, Spray, Stains, Stripper, Paint Brush Cleaner, Paint Thinner, Primer, Turpentine, Varnishes, Wood Preservative

    Other household items:
    Ammunition (Spent Cartridges Only, Batteries (All Kinds), Fiberglass Epoxy, Fire Extinguishers, Fluorescent Lights, Glues, Gun Cleaning Solvents, Lighter Fluid, Moth Balls, Photographic Chemicals, Rust Remover, Shoe Polish, Thermometers (Mercury), Thermostats

    Examples of items that are NOT ACCEPTED:
    (subject to change)

    Ammunition, Arsenic , Business Waste, Chemicals not in Original Containers, Medical Waste, Nuclear/Radioactive Waste, Pharmaceuticals, Tires, Trash (Municipal Solid Waste), Unidentified Chemicals

    ReUse Store:
    The ReUse Store is located at the Home Chemical Collection facility at 1527 S. Mayhill Road. Items available through the ReUse Store are in the original containers, in usable condition, still available in retail stores, and best of all.... FREE to City of Denton residents. For a limited time, residents can bring up to four incandescent bulbs in for recycling, and recieve up to four free CFL bulbs!

    ReUse Store Hours of Operation:
    Wednesday: Noon - 6pm
    1st and 3rd Saturdays - 7 am - Noon


    Yard Trimmings Program


    Yard Trimmings
    Yard trimmings are collected separately from residential trash and composted with activated biosolids recycled from the wastewater treatment plant. The resulting compost and mulch products, Dyno Dirt, are excellent for your yard and garden. This is truly a city-wide recycling effort, and a great example of �closing the loop.��

    Yard trimmings are collected curbside on your regular trash/recycling collection day. Call Solid Waste Customer Service at (940) 349-8700 for more information regarding collection services. For more information about Dyno Dirt, call Beneficial Reuse at 940-349-8290. The products are available at the Landfill on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 7am � 3pm, and various locations in Denton.


    Composting Information


    Dyno Dirt
    What are Dyno Dirt Products?
    They are a line of soil conditioning and compost products made and sold by the Water Utilities Beneficial Reuse Division. These products have excellent soil conditioning and moisture retention properties and provide natural slow release fertilizing properties. The Dyno Dirt composting program is an excellent example of city-wide recycling cooperation. Materials used in making Dyno Products include the yard trimmings collected from the Solid Waste Department's yardwaste collection and waste activiated biosolids recycled from the Pecan Creek Water Reclamation Plant. Not only are Dyno Dirt products an efficient use of resources, they are excellent soil additives.

    How and Where do I buy my Dyno Dirt? All Dyno Dirt products (compost, soil, mulch, and chips) can be paid for and picked up at the Pecan Creek Water Reclamation Plant at 1100 Mayhill Road. Dyno Dirt products are available Tuesdays-Saturdays from 7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. or call (940) 349-8290.

    One-cubic-foot bags of Dyno Dirt only are available at:
    Dennis' Farm Store
    320 Bell Place
    Denton, TX

    Lantana Gardens
    3229 E. FM 407
    Bartonville, TX

    At this time, no other Dyno Dirt products (soil, mulch, or chips) are available in bags.

    For more information:


    Electronics Recycling


    Recycling of televisions and computer monitors is offered through curbside collection or at the landfill. Curbside collection will incur an $20 fee added to the resident's monthly bill, or residents may bring televisions or monitors to the landfill for recycling and a $15.00 charge will apply. To schedule curbside collection, call Recycling Customer Service at 940-349-8700. Additional electronics recycling is provided free of charge at the Denton Landfill at 1527 S. Mayhill Rd. This program accepts household computer-related materials, such as CPUs, printers, fax machines, and scanners. Also, small household electronics such as cell phones, microwaves, and toasters. The program is open to all Denton residents. Residents should be sure to erase any personal information from their computer before dropping off.


    Recycling at School


    The City of Denton Sustainable Schools Program (SSP) is a district-wide recycling program in a partnership with Denton ISD and other participating private schools. For information call our Recycling Education Coordinator at 940-349-8064.



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