Recycling Programs

The programs in place for recycling collection may vary according to where you live. Generally, there are several programs that are offered.


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Curbside Recycling

Most programs collect the basics: plastic bottles, cans, glass, paper, and cardboard. If your city has a curbside recycling program, you’ll need to get the proper container to hold your recyclables. Some cities use bags and others use bins. Check with your recycling coordinator on the specifics of your services.

Drop-off Centers

These are centers where you drop off your recyclable materials. They can be as simple as a few newspaper and can bins (also called igloos) at a park or an intersection, or as complex as a staffed recycling facility. Before you deliver any material to a drop off location, please contact them first to verify they are open.

At most drop-off centers, you can leave beverage containers, newspaper and corrugated cardboard. Some centers accept a wider variety of materials which could include other grades of paper, metals, used motor oil, and so on.

Many cities hold Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events or have Reuse Centers to collect products such as drain and window cleaners, floor and furniture polishes, disinfectants, nail polish and nail polish remover, antifreeze, motor oil, paint, paint thinner and strippers, fertilizers, pesticides, weed killers, moth balls, and batteries.

Apartment Recycling

For more information on apartment recycling in your area, contact your city's recycling coordinator. If you seek information about recycling in a particular apartment complex, contact your apartment leasing office. Many apartment residents frequently use their city's drop-off and igloo sites for their recycling needs.

View city by city list of recycling services


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